P.O. Box 8643 Richmond VA 23226  (804) 291-1155 © Virginia Charitable Bingo Association Dear Bingo Manager,   The Virginia Charitable Bingo Association (VCBA) needs your help!    In August 2008 the VCBA was formed to provide a unified voice on behalf of our charities to help shape the rules, regulations, and statutes that govern charitable bingo. Since then our small yet fast growing group has begun to speak on behalf of the issues that are important to us, our charities, before the Virginia General Assembly and the Division of Charitable Gaming.    Our mission is to better protect and enhance charitable gaming in Virginia, for the benefit of our charities and their stated purposes!     We will strive to make charitable bingo an ethical model of integrity and honesty and help promote bingo in a way that will create larger market share for everyone.   As a member of VCBA, you will be invited to all our meetings; regular conferences calls and have direct input in the future of our industry. You will also be able to sign up for our Action Alert email list which will allow you access to the most up to date and important information on the major issues affecting the future of charitable gaming. Please visit us at our website: www.vcbingo.org.   Membership dues are kept very low at an annual rate of only $100 per year. All dues collected will be used exclusively towards communication, education and advocacy. Your involvement will have a positive impact on both your individual charity and the charitable bingo industry as a whole. Please fill out the enclosed membership application along with your membership dues.   For more information before you join please contact Alison Capozzoli our membership director at (804) 291-1155. We are also willing to meet with you and your charity at your convenience.                                                                            Sincerely,                                                                               Chuck Lessin                                                                           Legislative Director Print this page