P.O. Box 8643 Richmond VA 23226  (804) 291-1155 © Virginia Charitable Bingo Association Who is My Legislator? LET’S BREAK IT DOWN IN BINGO LANGUAGE One of the intents of House Bill 950 is to allow our charities to continue to play the Lucky 7 game and to be able to play 5 additional “Lucky 7 type” games. Just as the Lucky 7, any and all new progressive games that the charities elect to play must adhere to the same “progressive” rules that apply to the Lucky 7. Those “progressive” rules are as follows: 1) For each type of progressive game played, charities must determine in advance the maximum number of balls that will be called during the first gaming session that particular progressive game is played. 2) If a progressive game is not won within the prescribed number of balls called, the number of balls called will be increased by one (1) ball the next time the progressive game is played. This shall continue until the progressive game is won. 3) Any increase in any progressive bingo game jackpot shall be 50% of the monies received from the sales of the particular progressive bingo game that session or $100 per session, which ever amount is less. 4) The bingo cards or sheets used for these progressive type bingo games must be sold separately from any packs, cards, or sheets used for any other bingo games 5) There are no more than six( 6) progressive type games including the Lucky 7 played per session 6) No discounts shall be allowed The intent of these new progressive bingo games is to make bigger jackpots available and create more excitement for the players. This means trying to play games that will reach the maximum $5000 jackpot limit and creating prizes larger than ever before. When prizes reach the larger levels, the players win more and the charities make more money. As always the VCBA encourages our members and non-members engaging in charitable gaming to frequently visit the Division of Charitable Gaming. Dear Member:   February 17, 2009 Dear Member, as you are aware, the Virginia General Assembly is now in session and your staff here at The Virginia Charitable Bingo Association has been diligently working to improve rules and regulations relating to charitable gaming in Virginia. Please review the bills below that have been introduced in this year's General Assembly Session. ·  HB 941 Charitable gaming; regulations of Charitable Gaming Board defining electronic, etc., equipment.   ·  HB 942 Charitable gaming; limits authority of VDACS to revoke permits. ·  HB 950 Charitable gaming; regulations of Charitable Gaming Board, report. ·  HB 1010 Illegal gambling; includes in definition risking of money, etc.    HB 1030 Charitable gaming; limits oversight by Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. ·  HB 1078 Charitable gaming; exempts volunteer fire departments & rescue squads from filing quarterly reports. June 30, 2009 Today, the Virginia Charitable Gaming Board ("CGB") met in Richmond. Chief among the issues they discussed are numerous proposed administrative changes to the boards' administrative regulations which will affect your charitable organization. Included below are documents which highlight all of the proposed changes, please pay special attention to; "CGB Rules and Regs" and "CGB Supplier Regs".   Attached please find the following documents:      CGB Agenda, June 30, 2009      CGB Amendments, related to the merger of the CGB into the Department of Agriculture      CGB Rules and Regs, related to numerous changes to charitable gaming      CGB Supplier Regs, related to changes in supplier regulations         Virginia NOIRA Actions, these are state mandated requirements for changing administrative guidelines and regulations   Please let me know at your earliest convenience your thoughts on all these proposed changes to the the board's regulations.   If you have any questions or know of any other charitable organizations who would like to join our association please feel free to contact me or VCBA membership director Judy Lessin at: (804) 291-1155.   Sincerely, Matt Benka MDB Strategies, LLC June 2, 2010   Legislative Detail: VA House Bill 950 - 2010 Regular Session   Title Charitable gaming; regulations of Charitable Gaming Board, report.   Status Completed Legislative Action April 11 2010 - Governor: Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0429)     Summary as passed House: Charitable gaming; regulations of the Charitable Gaming Board; prohibited acts.  Limits the number of bingo games per session to no more than 50; requires the Charitable Gaming Board to adopt regulations prescribing (i) the condition by which nonmembers of an organization may participate in the conduct of bingo so long as the nonmembers are under the direct supervision of a bona fide member of the organization during the bingo game and (ii) the minimum time interval required between the conduct of bingo games, which time shall not be less than 30 minutes; increases the number of Lucky 7 and other progressive bingo games from one to six per session and eliminates winner-take-all games. The bill also requires that the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services shall report to the chairs of the House Committee on General Laws and the Senate Committee on General Laws and Technology on or before December 1, 2010 concerning the Department's efforts to increase the number of Department-approved independent laboratory testers in order to expedite the Department's approval process for new charitable games. The bill is a recommendation of the Special Subcommittees of the House Committee on General Laws and the Senate Committee on General Laws and Technology.   Sponsor Rep S. Chris Jones       More information House Bill 950 Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli today announced his support for new legislation which clarifies Virginia’s gambling laws. Questions about the law arose in 2010 when a number of Internet gambling businesses started to appear around the commonwealth. Companion bills, House Bill 1700 and Senate Bill 1195, patroned by Delegate Clay Athey (R-Front Royal) and Senator Mark Obenshain (R-Harrisonburg), declare that the purchase of a product or other thing of value as a condition for an opportunity to receive a benefit through a game of chance constitutes illegal gambling. Attorney General announces support for legislation to clarify Virginia’s gambling laws January 18, 2011 Credit: Va. AG office Click for Press relaese